Research & Evaluation

My starting point with all clients is to get under the skin of what they know about their customers, users or audiences. You might have a great idea for a service, campaign or activity but have you actually asked any of your potential customers what they think?

Far too often organisations blindly develop new products or services without testing the market need. Even worse organisations continue to develop without consulting with their stakeholders and customers – the world is a rapidly changing place and the offer you developed 5 years ago might not be right for today’s market.

Research does not have to be costly or expensive and I don’t agree with re-inventing the wheel. But I do pride myself on developing marketing and communications solutions that are based on evidence and data. With many different methodologies available (quantitative surveys; in-depth interviews, focus groups, secondary research) I work with you to deliver research solutions that are relevant. With a greater knowledge of the target market, their needs and how they find out about things we can make sense of the data, interpret the findings and develop campaigns and projects that really make an impact.

Recent Work

Ludus Festival Leeds – Marketing Evaluation (September 2012)

A full marketing evaluation was commissioned at the end of the festival to analyse marketing return on investment as well as suggestions and recommendations for marketing approaches in 2014.

Marketing evaluation (Nov 2011) – Following delivery of a strategy, campaign communications and media relations support this comprehensive marketing evaluation examined impact across all marketing channels including print, advertising and digital.

It highlighted a positive return on investment through channels such as facebook and Twitter with marketing activity resulting in 50% increase in number of likes and increased interaction on the facebook page. It also highlighted positive influence impact through 29% increase in followers and a Twitter Klout score of 40.


Theatre in the Mil

Theatre in the Mill (May 2011) is a venue based on the University of Bradford’s campus. Delivering cutting edge, innovative and often experimental theatre, they wanted to explore ways they could use digital technologies to engage new audiences.

The commission involved researching existing technologies being used by arts organisations, as well as new and pioneering ways being utilised by arts and cultural organisations.  This culminated in a me developing content for a facilitated workshop used to explore and extract a framework for developing a Grants for the Arts bid to Arts Council England

Iain Bloomfield (Artistic Director) approached me to deliver a  facilitated workshop to explore as a team:

  • Which audiences would they try and attract through these technologies?
  • How might technology improve the audiences experience?
  • What digital technologies and approaches might be used?

Having written up all the ideas and outputs from the day it provided a comprehensive starting point to write the bid.